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XENICAL is a prescription weight-control medication useful for the long-term treatment of significant obesity.

XENICAL is for people who are considerably overweight (at least 30 lbs, depending on height or have a BMI of 30 or greater). XENICAL is also for people who are overweight (at least 20 lbs, depending on height or have a BMI of 27 or greater) and also have other risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease or diabetes. XENICAL should be taken with a reduced-calorie diet containing no more than 30% of calories from fat.

Since XENICAL blocks about one third of the fat in the food you eat, you may experience gas with oily discharge, increased bowel movements, an urgent need to have them and an inability to control them, particularly after meals containing more fat than recommended.

XENICAL shouldn’t be taken if you are pregnant, nursing, have food absorption problems or reduced bile flow. If you are taking cyclosporine, speak to your doctor before taking XENICAL.
XENICAL reduces the absorption of some vitamins, therefore, a daily multivitamin is recommended

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